Tuesday, 2 August 2011


2003  : A day you wished had never happened
2004  : Describe a festival celebrated in your area
2005  : Describe the biggest challenge in your life
2006 : Describe an enjoyable weekend you have experienced
2007 : Describe an embarrassing experience in your life
2008 :  Write about a person who has worked hard to succeed in life.
2009 : Describe an unforgettable incident that you saw on your way home from school.
2010 : Describe the most popular student in your school.
2011 : A famous person you admire.
2012 : Describe an outing with friends

Opinion / Argumentative
2003 : You have been given a chance to visit a country of your choice. Which country would you choose and why?
2004 : How can we help promote tourism in Malaysia?
2005 : If you were given a chance to be anybody, who would you want to be and why?
2006 : How can television help students in their studies?
2007 : ‘Teenagers today are only interested in entertainment.’ Do you agree?
2008 : Examinations – good or bad?
2009 : School children should not have long holidays. Do you agree?
2010 : “The Internet is mostly a good thing.” Do you agree? Support your opinion.
2011 : Should school students have part-time jobs? - Discuss
2012 : Should parents give children more freedom

2003 : An invention you cannot live without
2004 : My ideal school
2005 : How to keep one self healthy
2006 : What changes would you like to see in your life in the next ten years?
2007 : My early years.
2008 :  My perfect future husband or wife
2009 : My favorite day of the week
2010 : What we can do to save the environment?
2011 : The best things in life are free
2012 : Saving money for future

Story Telling / Narrative
2003  : Write a story that ends with: If only I had listened to his/her advice
2004  : Write a story ending with: “We had never laughed so much in our lives.”

2005 : Write a story with the title: An Unexpected Visitor

2006 : Write a story ending with: “If only I had been more careful, that wouldn’t have happened.”

2007 : Write a story beginning with: Kim was nervous when the door opened

2008 : Write a story ending with: “Now I realize the value of a true friend.”

2009 : Write a story ending with: “...We said our goodbyes and went our separate ways.”

2010 : Write a story beginning with:“It had been raining all day...”

2011 : Write a story that ends with: "...They looked at each other and smiled meaningfully."

2012 : Write a story beginning with : "The teacher walked into the classroom. It was the first period...."

One Word
2003 : Friends
2004 : Clothes
2005 : Music
2006 : Food
2007 : Tomorrow
2008 : Stars
2009 : Beauty
2010 : Home
2011 : Peace
2012 : Cleanliness

 * I have arranged all the questions according to the style/type used to write them. Students are advised to master at least three styles of writing mentioned above.It will help you to write the essay you choose properly by using the correct style or technique. Remember, you can't simply use any style to write an essay. You must see the requirements of the question or title of the particular essay.