Tuesday, 29 January 2013


Sample 1

Last weekend, I went to Penarik Beach which is located in Terengganu for a holiday. I booked for a promo  three days and two nights deluxe package.The reason for my sudden decision was simple,my hectic city life was taking its toll on me, my body and my mind was in the verge of a nervous breakdown. They were begging me for mercy. As much as I tried to ignore it but in the end I just had to concede . I pored through some of my brochures which had been collecting dust for almost three years. After a meticulous search, Terengganu seemed to be a good bargain. 
Terengganu with its impressive 244km long stretches of white sandy coastlines and traditional Malay coastal villages was a welcoming sight.
Penarik Beach in particular had a 'postcard-perfect setting',complete with fishing villages and typical Malay traditional houses dotted by the beachfront underneath swaying coconut and pine trees. 
The days were clear and the sun was merciful, which gave me a picturesque sea view of the scenic islands of Bidong, Redang, Lang Tengah and Pulau Perhentian.My early morning walks were invigorating, the cool breeze of the sea was really an heavenly experience.....[ you are free to continue ]