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2011 : Write a story that ends with: "...They looked at each other and smiled meaningfully."

( This is an actual SPM question for the year 2011 - If you are asked to end with certain phrase / sentence then do end your Ending with the given phrase / sentence.)

* In the question above, the key word which you need to understand is 'MEANINGFULLY' which means 'full of meaning / purpose / value etc'. Therefore, before you write your essay, make sure your draft has a theme which is centred around a meaningful event / incident / action etc. Plot a story which has a strong and interesting beginning and end with a solid impression.

[ The 3 examples below are only simple and straight forward writing style. In order to make it more interesting; use phrasal verbs, idioms / wise sayings , dialogs / flashback etc to leave a strong lasting impression.

Sample 1

Ai Ching and Mary knew that Miss Sarimah was now in safe hands. They watched the ambulance slowly disappear into the horizon. Bystanders, and all those who had witnessed the miraculous incident slowly started to disperse.Slowly the place transformed back into its old rustic look.There was a dead silence.The words "I have found that if you love life, life will love you back" echoed in their ears- Miss Sarimah's favourite words.Slowly it began to dawn on Ai Ching and Mary that they had actually witnessed it happen in Miss Sarimah's life today.They looked at each other and smiled meaningfully. 

Sample 2

Miss Sarimah managed to give a smile before she was whisked away into the ambulance. Ai Ching and Mary could only look helplessly, but they knew that Miss Sarimah was now in safe hands.As the dust began to settle, souls that had witnessed the incident slowly started to disperse.The busy and noisy road slowly transformed back into its old rustic nature - quiet and deserted. As silence engulfed the surrounding, the phrase " I have found that if you love life, life will love you back" resonated in their ears-Miss Sarimah's favourite phrase. A phrase which not only they, but the whole class was familiar with.Miss Sarimah, their English teacher loved to use it to encourage her students to love and appreciate life.She would frequently tell them that life is short, therefore they must live a meaningful life. It slowly began to dawn on Ai Ching and Mary how true it was. They had witnessed how life trully had smiled back at Miss Sarimah today. As they took hold of their hands, they looked at each other and smiled meaningfully.  

Sample 3

Her face grimaced in pain but Miss Sarimah still managed to engrave a faint yet serene smile across her contorted face as the paramedics rushed her to the ambulance. Ai Ching and Mary could only watch helplessly, but deep in their heart they knew that Miss Sarimah was now in safe hands.As the dust began to settle, bystanders and eye witnesess slowly started to disperse. The busy and noisy road slowly transformed back into its old rustic state - quiet and deserted. As silence coyly slithered back into the surrounding, Ai Ching and Mary could hear the phrase "I have found that if you love life, life will love you back" echo in their ears as if Miss Sarimah was whispering it to them. "Life is short therefore we must live a meaningful life" she would say. Slowly it began to dawn on them how they had played a pivotel role in making it a reality today. Their bold and courages act had kept Miss Sarimah from meeting a certain but sure death. Life has trully smiled back at their beloved teacher.As they picked up their bicycles, they looked at each other and smiled meaningfully.


2007 : Write a story beginning with: Kim was nervous when the door opened
( This is an actual SPM question for the year 2007 - If you are asked to begin with certain phrase / sentence then do begin your Introduction with the given phrase / sentence.)

Sample 1

Kim was nervous when the door opened. She was hoping that it would be the police. Kim prayed hard in her heart that it would be so.As she slowly lifted up her head to see, she could only see a dark figure standing at the entrance of her room door.It was the intruder who had broken into her parents house.She could see him still holding the knife in his hand. He was searching for her. The intruder stepped into the room.He moved slowly. He banged into few things in the room.The room was pitch dark. The electricity got cut off due to the heavy storm.

Sample 2

Kim was nervous when the door opened. Sweat drops trickled from her forehaed onto the carpeted floor. She bit her lips in agitation. In her heart, she prayed hard that it would be the police. Slowly but reluctantly she lifted up her head to see, she could only see a dark visage standing at the entrance of her room door.She could not see clearly who it was as the room was pitch dark.Then, to her horror, she saw his face, the face of one she prayed that she would not see again. A glimmer of light from the lightning outside gave his face away.It was the  intruder who had broken into her parents house.He was still clutching the Rambo knife in his hand.He moved slowly, breaking and shoving everything that blocked his path.He had only one thing in his mind, that is to find the girl who knows his true identity, and to finish her off.

Sample 3

Kim was nervous when the door opened. The door burst open with a deafening sound, breaking the silence that Kim was enjoying for almost fifteen minutes now. The sound startled her, she almost jumped out from her hiding place screaming her head off but fear not senses kept her glued to her spot. She held her breath,her heart beat faster than ever.Sweat drops trickled onto the carpeted floor like a running tap water. She edged cautiously further into a corner fearing for the worst. She clasped her hands hard and prayed like she had never prayed before, hoping in her heart that it was the police who had come to her rescue.A dark tall visage stood at the entrance of the room door. At the same time, a glimmer of light from the lightning outside burst through the room window giving away the identity of the figure.To her horror, it was the visage of the one who had made her life a living hell for the past one hour."I will get you, pretty one!",his cold and merciless words echoed in her ears sending shivers into her spine.

The introduction must be good and interesting enough to get your reader glued to your essay - use adjectives and adverbs to add some spice to your writing. 

Monday, 16 April 2012


There are roughly ten themes in this novel. They are as stated below :-

1.The Importance Of A Family - The family bond between the characters in this novel is very strong. For example, in chapter 1, mother was always at home spending time with the children. She played with them and read stories to them. Mother also read stories which she wrote to them after tea. Moreover, the children had a wonderful father who was never angry, and was always ready to play a game with them.The children loved their father and never forgot him though they never talked much about him. Bobbie, Peter and Phyllis were always together be it at the railway line, the railway station and even when they collected gifts for Perks.  

2.Hope and Optimism - The children's father was always optimistic that things would be fine.For example, when Peter showed him his broken toy steam engine, father looked at it and optimistically assured Peter that he would mend it.Bobbie had high hopes that the old gentleman would be able to help her to seek the truth about her father's innocence. The old gentleman helped Bobbie in her quest because he had hopes that her father was innocent. 

3.Bravery - Bobbie, Peter and Phyllis are brave children. They risked their lives to stop a train from accident. Peter and Phyllis waved their flags by standing along the railway line while Bobbie ran on to the line waving her flags. The children aslo showed bravery when they entered the dark tunnel to look for the boy in the red shirt.Mother stayed calm and brave for the chlidren's sake while her husband was away in prison. 

4.The Joys Of Childhood
5.Kindness Brings Reward
6.The Loss Of Innocence
7.Justice Shall Prevail
8.Coping With Hardship
9.Resourceful And Innovative

*Source :- CDD - Ministry of Education (2011)
*Acknowledgement :- These teaching modules were developed and compiled with the help of a group of dedicated teachers from various schools all over the country. 

Monday, 9 April 2012


It's been a while since the children went to the railway. They missed waving at the train, particularly the 91.5 train. One morning, the children went down the hill to wave at the passing 9.15 train. They waved their handkerchiefs but this time something unexpected happened. Not only the old gentleman waved back but all the other passengers also waved back at the children. The children didn't know what to expect but Bobbie had an inkling that something was about to happen.

Later at home, Bobbie was restless and couldn't concentrate on her lessons. She excused herself and went down to the station.She wanted to meet and talk to Perks.At the station,people who had never waved or smiled at her before, now waved and smiled as she passed by.Everbody seemed so kind and friendly. When Bobbie met Perks, he told her how pleased he was about the news he had read in the newspaper. As she was trying to figure out what was going on, the 11.54 train arrived. Only three people got down from the train, the last was her father. Bobbie was overjoyed when she saw her father. She ran and hugged him tightly. Boobie and her father walked back home to meet the rest of the family.It was trully a happy ending for all.


One day the children went down to the railway line to watch the paper chase. The boys from Maidbridge were having the paper chase.Paper chase involves the "Hare" and the "Hounds".One boy (Hare) will drop pieces of paper behind him for the other boys (Hounds) to follow. The children watched from the top of the hill, the boys ran into the black mouth of the tunnel. The last boy was wearing a red shirt.
The children eagerly waited for the boys to come out at the other end of the tunnel.All of them came out slowly ,looking rather tired. But,the boy in the red shirt was nowhere to be seen. 

They waited for a long time for the boy but he still didn't come out from the tunnel.So, they decided to go and look for him inside the tunnel. The tunnel was dark inside.Peter lit a candle and they continued to search for the boy deeper inside the tunnel.

Finally, they saw  him lying on the ground,beside the railway line.He was concious but his leg was broken. The boy tried to stand but his leg hurt teribbly. They took him to Bobbie's house. The children and their mother nursed and took care of Jim. Their mother wrote a letter to Jim's grandfather to inform him on what had happened to Jim.

The next day, Jim's grandfather came to visit him. The children were surprised and happy when they saw Jim's grandfather, it was their good friend - the old gentleman.

Monday, 2 April 2012

THE RAILWAY CHILDREN - The Terrible Secret

The children never really forgot their father. They only stopped asking about him because it made their mother unhappy. But, Bobbie thought about him quite often. Her mind was filled with questions which was screaming for an answer. 

The answer finally came one day  in a very unexpected way. Bobbie went down to the station to pick up the magazines which Perks gave to them. Perks wrapped some old newspaper round the magazines to keep them together. Bobbie happily received the magazines and went back home. 
On the way home she stopped to rest for a while as the magazines were quite heavy to carry.She looked at the newspaper and read some words on the page. The words impacted her terribly.
She hurried back home. She went straight to her room and locked her room. She looked at the newspaper again.The words 'FIVE YEARS IN PRISON FOR SPY!' and her father's name caught her attention. She was in a daze as the whole thing seemed like a teribble dream. Bobbie showed her mother the newspaper. She was speechless for a while but later explained to Bobbie how her father was framed as being a spy by a man who works with him. Her mother also told Bobbie how she had tried to prove her father's innocence but to no avail.
Her mother advised Bobbie to be strong and patient and not to think about it.But, Bobbie was determined to prove her father's innocence. Secretly she wrote a letter to her friend - the old gentleman asking him to help her prove her father's innocence.