Tuesday, 20 August 2013


Sample Question : Your brother spends too much time on the Internet and has done badly in his PMR Trial Examination.Your mother has asked you to write a letter advising him how to divide his time wisely.
  • Stay Up Late - Chat -Internet
  • Too Much - Time - Online games
  • Have A Timetable - Study - Surf Internet
  • Use Internet - Gain Knowledge

When writing your letter,
  • You may use the words and phrases given above.
  • Elaborate on your writing to make it more interesting.
  • You may add other relevant information.
  • Make sure it is not less than 120 words.

How to answer this question

  • Use the 6W 1H method
  • Read the question carefully
  • Use the information given in the question to write your opening.
  • Use all the points given.
  • Don't forget to add your own point(s).
  • Write at least 200-250 words as time permits.
[Simple Style Essay Sample]

322C,Taman Danau Maluri
53300 Kuala Lumpur.

20 August 2013. 

Dear Vince,

   How are you? I hope you are fine. Please send my regards to father and mother. I miss you all dearly. I heard that you did not do well in your recent PMR Trial Examination. Mother phoned me a few days ago and told me about it. Father and mother are really worried about you spending too much time on the Internet. So, I am writing this letter to give you some tips on how to divide your time wisely.

   First of all, young man, don't stay up late.Don't burn your midnight oil chatting on the Internet. Go to bed early. Our body needs at least 8 to 10 hours of sleep everyday.Enough sleep will enable your mind to stay sharp and productive the next day.Therefore, instead of sleeping around 1 to 2 a.m. in the morning, call it a night around 10 p.m.

   Next, don't spend too much time playing online games. There is nothing wrong in playing online games but when it affects your studies then you should put a brake to it.My advice is leave all your online gaming activities until you have finished your PMR Examination. Focus on your studies first, you can continue playing once you have finished your examination.

   Draft out a study timetable to help you manage your time wisely. On the timetable allocate one to two hours to surf the Internet. Now, remember, the Internet contains a lot of  useful information for everyone. It can be used to gain knowledge and to sift through  for information useful for your PMR Examination. 

   Finally, join some outdoor physical activities rather than just being holed up in the house in front of your computer the whole day. Go cycling or walking around the park. Play football or badminton with your friends in the evenings. Physical activities help keep your body and mind healthy. You need a healthy body and mind to do well in your PMR Examination.

   I wish I could write more but I have to stop here for now. I  have to prepare for my next week's final term semester examination. I hope you will take my advice and mend your ways. I wish you all the best in your PMR Examination. Hugs and kisses.

Your loving sister,
 Bernice Gabriel.

(The sample essay above is roughly more than 350 words and I have used 5 idioms in the essay)

  1. Burn Your Midnight Oil - doing something(working) for very long hours.
  2. Call it a night - to end (stop) what one is doing at night.
  3. Put a brake to it - to stop an activity.
  4. Sift through - to remove something from something.
  5. Holed up - hide and wait / just staying put in a place.