Tuesday, 16 October 2012


The Ingredients You Need To Write A Good Narrative / Story Type Essay.....

1. Perspective / Narrator / Character

  • First Person -  [ example :- I ]
  • Third Person - [ example :- He,She,It ]

2. Plot

  • What is happening
  • Where is the setting
  • Who is the character(s)
  • What is the peak experience
  • How did it end


  • Chronological
  • Flashback
  • Dialogue
  • Monologue


  • Talk about the characters weaknesses
  • Use Adjectives, Adverbs and strong verbs


  • Use specific and concrete vocabulary
  • Details need to be in unison and attention grabbing
  • Do not generalize


  • Paragraph unity - [ Each paragraph is linked coherently ]
  • Sentence Cohesion -[ Synonyms, Antonyms, Pronouns, Transitions]

Sunday, 14 October 2012


In order to write a good narrative type essay, you'll need a good plot. What is a plot...? A plot is defined as the events that make up a story.A plot has 5 main parts / components.

1. Introduction / Beginning
It contains information about who, what, when, and where of the story.
2. Events
It contains incidents leading to the climax of the story.
3. Climax
It contains the most thrilling / exciting incident in the story which has a huge / life changing effect to the main character or the story.
4. Anti-Climax
It contains incident(s) leading to the conclusion of the story.
5. Ending
It tells us how the story ends / what happened in the end.

Tuesday, 28 August 2012



This is Mr.Seow. He is quite old and craggy looking, a senior citizen. He is short and fat.He has large funny looking eyes and a big prominent nose.He is toothless, he has to wear dentures when he wants to eat or speak.He uses a cane when walking.Although he is nearly eighty, he has good eyesight. He is a bit grumpy when he is not happy and likes to dig his ears when they are itchy.In a box, he is quite an interesting and amusing man who is loved and adored by all those that know him. 
This is my teacher Julia. She is 26 years old. She has a beautiful oval shaped face with soft, creamy complexion.  She has shoulder length beautiful blond hair. Her set of compassionate beautiful almond shaped eyes sparkle when she speaks. Her thin red lips will make anyone's heart falter. Her perfect hour glass body is the envy of others.She is the most kind-hearted soul I have ever met in my entire life.

This is Amy.She is kind and pretty. She is short and looks cute with her pulpy nose. Her set of beautiful dreamy eyes compliment her slim  sculpted figure. She is our school's top student. She likes the anime type hairstyle and dyes her hair quite frequently. I call her  "Rainbow Head" because she has dyed her hair in all the seven colors of the rainbow. She does this because she is into cosplay. During school holidays, she takes part in many of the competitions held locally and internationally. She likes the emo and the gothic style the best. Most students in my school think she is wierd but to me she is my best friend.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

English Vocabulary - [ Feelings ]

One of the main reasons students find it hard to write a good essay is because of their poor vocabulary. Many do not have a wide range of vocabulary with them and this has been a stumbling block for them to get good grades for their essays. Having a wide range of words or a vocabulary list is a boon for all those who aspire to write good essays in their public school exams, be it local or foreign students.

So, I have posted some words which are associated with feelings. You can use these words when writing your [story] type essay or the [ Descriptive ] type essays. All the best!



  1. Bitter
  2. Morbid
  3. Somber
  4. Despondent
  5. Dejected
  6. Depressed
  7. Down
  8. Doleful
  9. Downcast
  10. Forlorn
  11. Doldrums
  12. Heartbroken
  13. In The Dumps
  14. Gloomy
  15. Bereaved

  1. Blissful
  2. Perky
  3. Content
  4. Jubilant
  5. Estatic
  6. Lively
  7. Delighted
  8. Gay
  9. Upbeat
  10. Sparkling
  11. On Cloud Nine
  12. Thrilled
  13. Chirpy
  14. Walking On Air
  15. Merry


  1. laughable
  2. Amusing
  3. Antic
  4. Good-humoured
  5. Comic / Comical
  6. Goofy
  7. Humourous
  8. Loony
  9. Wacky
  10. Facetious
  11. Playful
  12. Jesting
  13. Funny
  14. Pulling one's leg
  15. Entertaining

  1. Freeze
  2. Paralyze
  3. Spook
  4. Scare silly
  5. Scare the pants off
  6. Panic
  7. Shake up
  8. Horrified
  9. Startled
  10. Cowed
  11. Petrified
  12. Alarmed
  13. Rattled
  14. Faint-Hearted
  15. Have a cold feet

  1. unstable
  2. crazy
  3. insane
  4. daft
  5. delirious
  6. psychotic
  7. nutty
  8. unsound mind
  9. deranged
  10. nonsensical
  11. lunatic
  12. rabid
  13. foolhardy
  14. illogical
  15. irrational

  1. Outraged
  2. furious
  3. irate
  4. incensed
  5. sulky
  6. cross
  7. mad
  8. annoyed
  9. galled
  10. bitter
  11. infuriated
  12. displeased
  13. indignant
  14. fuming
  15. vexed


  1. amiable
  2. considerate
  3. kind
  4. benevolent
  5. caring
  6. doting
  7. devoted
  8. warm
  9. sweet
  10. motherly
  11. congenial
  12. affectionate
  13. adulate
  14. be fascinated with
  15. hold dear


  1. burn out
  2. faint
  3. strain
  4. vex
  5. overwork
  6. dispirit
  7. give out
  8. exhausted
  9. worn out
  10. fed up
  11. repulsed / had enough
  12. sick off
  13. melt away
  14. wither
  15. diminish


  1. calm
  2. composed
  3. placid
  4. tranquil
  5. gentle
  6. nonviolent
  7. mellow
  8. unruffled
  9. neighbourly
  10. serene
  11. sedate
  12. clammed up
  13. soundless
  14. unmoved
  15. could hear a pin drop

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

English Vocabulary For Writing....

One of the main reasons students find it hard to write a good essay is because of their poor vocabulary. Many do not have a wide range of vocabulary with them and this has been a stumbling block for them to get good grades for their essays. Having a wide range of words or a vocabulary list is a  boon for all those who aspire to write good essays in their public school exams, be it local or foreign students. One of the best ways is to read. Reading good novels, magazine articles, articles or news in the local dailies or story books can help  improve your word power. In this post, I will give you some words/phrases/sentences which you can use in your school essays.

  1. Motorcyclist
  2. Crashed
  3. Head on collision
  4. freak accident
  5. swerved
  6. passers-by
  7. alerted
  8. collided
  9. died on the spot
  10. vehicle
  11. lost control
  12. lorry driver
  13. attendant
  14. skidded
  15. hit the guard rail
  1. snatch / snatching / snatched
  2. assailants
  3. preyed
  4. easy target
  5. pillion rider
  6. flung to the ground
  7. scuffle
  8. victim
  9. unconcious
  10. seriously injured
  11. dragged several metres
  12. incident
  13. sustained head injuries
  14. recuperating
  15. rampant
  1. racial bond
  2. polarization
  3. forged
  4. freedom
  5. understanding
  6. national unity
  7. love and trust each other
  8. instigators
  9. sow seed of racial unity
  10. street demonstrations
  11. sacrifices
  12. respect
  13. religious tolerance
  14. be real and pragmatic
  15. accept each other regardless of race and religion
  1. razed
  2. put out the fire
  3. shelter
  4. fanned the flames
  5. evacuated
  6. engulfed by fire
  7. destroyed
  8. dejected
  9. restrained by neighbours
  10. dashed into the house to ....
  11. victims
  12. occured at...
  13. ...help douse the fire...
  14. financial aid
  15. injured
  16. started in the...
  1. social ills
  2. curb
  3. juvenile crime
  4. felony
  5. cyber crime
  6. sex crime
  7. juvenile crimes
  8. finger pointing
  9. public outrage
  10. drug abuse
  11. halfway houses
  12. young minds are corrupted
  13. lack of awareness
  14. prison term
  15. enforce rules
  1. traffickers
  2. abducted
  3. kidnapped
  4. drugged with sleeping pills
  5. agents
  6. raid
  7. victims are deceived...
  8. recruited
  9. women experience sexual violence / physical violence
  10. victims are usually poor,uneducated,...
  11. syndicates
  12. cross border human trafficking
  13. crackdown
  14. uncovered
  15. police operation

  1. addicted
  2. uploading photos
  3. adding friends
  4. Facebook Addiction Disorder (ADD)
  5. performing poorly in school
  6. security issues
  7. girls go missing
  8. not getting enough sleep
  9. obsessed
  10. parental supervision
  11. popular social networking
  12. setting up profiles
  13. not taking baths / meals properly
  14. parents must regulate and monitor...
  15. virtual activities
  1. divorce
  2. society's lack of awareness of the law
  3. perception
  4. compounded
  5. children suspected of being severely abused...
  6. Child Protection Act 2001
  7. family lifestyle
  8. ...around home
  9.  integrated effort to...
  10. non-governmental organizations
  11. abuse cases
  12. welfare
  13. intervention
  14. culprits
  15. suspect

  1. punters
  2. bets
  3. placing bets
  4. luring
  5. bookies
  6. gambling websites
  7. syndicates
  8. online gambling
  9. busted
  10. patronize the outlets
  11. borrowing money from loan sharks
  12. hook punters
  13. recoup losses
  14. trap
  15. raid

*These are only some of the many words/phrases/sentences which can be used in essays, depending on the title and question of the essays. You can make your own vocabulary list and try to use the words in your essays. I hope this post has been a help to you all.

Monday, 14 May 2012

Descriptive Essay - How to write a descriptive essay

Write about a person who has worked hard to succeed in life.
This is an actual SPM examination question for the year 2008. Descriptive type essays are easy to write. You must use adjectives,adverbs,phrasal verbs and strong verbs to write an interesting description.

In the above question, we need to find the focus point, which is 'a person' and 'worked hard in life to succeed'. Once you know the focus point - you can start drafting your essay. It is always advisable to write about a person whom you know very well and one who is close to you, for example your father / mother / grandfather / uncle etc. Try not to write about someone you are not familiar with.

There are many ways to start an essay. In order to get a good grade for your essay, try to think and write something which is out of the box ( be different ) - try not to follow the norm.

Always remember, introduction paragraph is very important because it gives the first impression about your essay. A good introduction will get the reader's attention and cause him/her to keep reading your essay with interest.

Introduction Paragraph - Sample

              As I gazed at the photo frame hanging on the wall of my parents home, tears of sorrow filled my eyes; quickly, I took my handkerchief to wipe away my tears; I did not want anyone to notice them, it would only cause them sorrow. I could still hear him telling me - "Success does not come in a silver plate, you must work hard for it, my child".It is a mantra which I hold dear to my heart and which has brought me success which I never imagined I could ever achieve.They were the words of a man who not only preached them but practiced them as well and proved to those who mocked him that only through hard work can a person succeed in life.

          He was born in Kelantan, in a small fishing village near the famous Sabak Beach.He was the eldest son in his family of five. He was a good natured and a hard working man.He became a fisherman very early in his life; to be precise at the age of 15 he was already an expert fisherman. His fishing fraternity called him 'Bob Ikan', because he was an expert in pin-pointing the exact location where fish could be found in abundance.All the praises just made him humbler. He was born into poverty, but never once was he grumpy nor glum.In contrast, he was always cheerful and affable towards others. Everyone in his village loved him and respected him.... 

* If you notice, in this intro I did not mention the person who I am referring to. This is just to build up the suspense for the reader. The reader will be making guesses as to who am I refering to. I will only mention the person in the closing paragraph.

In this style of writing - you must not give out any detail about the person in all your 'BODY' part of your essay. In the 'BODY' part, slowly build up his/her character and how his/her hard work had made him/her to succeed in life.You must know how to write them in a way which will keep the reader guessing -  'ALL THE BEST'