Sunday, 31 December 2017

PT3 Essay - A False Accusation

A False Accusation

The points below show an incident where your friend was wrongly accused of stealing. Based on the notes given, write an account of what happened.

  • Netball practise - players left belongings in empty classroom
  • During break - Amy volunteered get water bottles
  • After practice -  Anis phone missing from bag - accused Amy
  • Amy - denied - crying - left - dejected
  • Next day - Anis apologised - phone at home
  • Amy accepted apology - but friendship strained
When writing the incident , you should:
Describe what happened
Express how you felt
State the lessons you have learnt from the incident
Write between 120 to 150 words

     Amy and Anis were the best of friends in school. They were inseparable, they did almost everything together until one unfortunate day that bond was broken.
     Last Friday, we all gathered at the school's indoor court to practice netball for the coming inter-school competition.There were around seven of us including Amy and Anis. We all kept our belongings in an empty classroom and changed into our T-shirts and shorts before heading into the court happily to practice.Everyone was excited and practiced hard to perfect our bounce pass,overhead pass and chest pass plus where to stand when going for the goal attack. 
       After a two hour non-stop practice we decided to call for a break.We were so tired that we could barely walk. Our legs and hands were like jelly.All of us gathered and sat in a circle in the middle of the court. Amy, like an angel volunteered to help get our water bottles.After quenching our thirst we continued our practice for another two hours.After practice, everyone headed back to the classroom to change and head home.Everyone was cleaning-up and changing their clothes except for Anis, she was busy searching for her phone. 
     Suddenly, with blood red face  Anis turned and looked at Amy straight in the eyes and started yelling "you are the one , you are the one, it has to be you who took my phone."Amy denied the accusation repeatedly,eyes swelling with water, she started crying . Feeling dejected, Amy left the room hurriedly. Everyone was so taken aback that no one dared to say anything.I pitied Amy and tried to console her. 
     The next day, Anis phoned Amy at her home and apologized to her. Amy accepted her apology but the accusation had strained their friendship and they were not as close as before.This incident taught me not to judge a book by its cover.Sometimes friends might look to be true and sincere on the outside but in the inside it can be totally a different thing like Anis.

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