Tuesday, 4 August 2015

PT3 Descriptive Essay-How I spent my holidays


  1. Can teacher help me mark the exam questions I have sent to avnergabriel@gmail.com few days ago.

    1. I'm sorry Sathya, currently I'm busy marking my students Language TEST papers and it's quite a lot of work plus my tuition papers (UPSR & PT3) students works.Therefore, I advise that you to ask your teacher's help to mark your work...all the best!

  2. How to write a speech for Teacher's Day
    Question:You are the head prefect of the school.You have been asked to give a speech on Teacher's Day.Write out your speech with the help of the notes below:
    -the purpose of Teacher's Day-to appreciate their dedication and service
    -teacher's-impart knowledge,skills for examinations
    -advise and correct us
    -programme for the day
    -invite teacher's to attend a concert
    -participate in games organised
    -lunch is served

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  4. I would like to continue this essay

    6th paragraph:
    After we were exhausted,we returned to the sea shore.I took out a canned drink to quench my thirst.Then,we enjoyed watching the panoramic view of the blue sea.My body chilled when the sea breeze caressed my body.We did not miss the opportunity to watch the sunset view.When the ball of fire sunk under the horizon,we knew that it was the time to say goodbye to this wonderful place.Before leaving,we made sure to take some screenshots.I had a whale of a time on that day.It was a memorable holiday.

    1. Interesting Paragraph....good work, Sathya. Keep it up! A pointer for you....

      1. Try not to use the phrase "After,we were exhausted..." it will just cut short your ending or the continuity of the previous paragraph.Try with a time frame....

      - example:-

      I splashed around, swam and did some diving in the sea. As for my sister she managed to build two awesome sandcastles, decked beautifully with different types of seashells collected around the sea shore. All the splashing around and building sandcastles exhausted us.So, we decided to head back to the shore and just laze around enjoying the panoramic view of the blue sea.....

  5. I am teaching English for part time jobs and I tend to peek this blog as a hobby. I really admire your efforts into this blog. I hope you can keep sharing informative stuff here for the sake of our young Malaysians' future. May God bless you, sir. Have nice day. With admiration, Michele from Sabah

  6. how to write report about holiday?
    plss teach me #

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    1. Sure you can...all things are possible to those who believe...