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Question : Your school has received a group of exchange students from United Kingdom (UK). As the President of the English Language Society, you have been asked by your teacher advisor to give a talk to welcome the British students to your school and give information about your school and country.
Notes / Points :- 
  • School
    • background
    • facilities 
  • Country
    • multiracial community
    • diverse festivals 
  • Attraction in town
    • famous tourist places
    • shopping malls 
  • Souvenirs
    • keychains
    • handicrafts
When giving the talk, you must remember to:
  • greet your audience
  • mention the purpose of the talk
  • include all the points given
  • end your talk appropriately 
Pointers :-
  1. Format   : Talk
  2. Who [you]  - President of the English Language Club
  3. Who [they] - exchange students from UK
  4. Who [will attend the talk] - teacher advisor, exchange students, members of the English Language Club
  5. What [Objective 1]: to welcome the British students to your school
  6. What [Objective 2]: give information about your school -[One paragraph]
  7. What [Objective 3]: give information about your country -[Two paragraph]
  8. What [Hope] : conclusion.
When writing your introduction, follow the format of a talk / speech. For this essay you must write an opening talk / speech which is greeting your audience. Not all talk / speeches are the same,so, you need to be careful when writing your intro. For this essay, the audience are:
  • the school principal / vice principal
  • the teacher advisor
  • the exchange students
  • the members of the English Language Club
Sample Intro : [ Simple Style ]
              I would like to wish a very good morning to our respected principal, Mr. Shukor Salleh bin Haji Abbas, vice pricipal Mr. Tan Han Seng,club's teacher advisor, Puan Ramlah, to all the exchange students from UK and fellow club members.I am honoured to be given this opportunity to welcome our friends from UK and to share a little about our school and our country with them.Before I begin, let us all put our hands together and give them a warm Malaysian welcome. [ 75 words ]
Sample Body 1 : [ Simple Style ]
           Let me begin by introducing our school. SMK Bukit Jambul was opened  on the 1st of January 2001. From only 14 teachers and 220 students in the beginning, now,we have 68 dedicated teachers and 1050 students.We have 30 classes for form 1 to form 5 students. We also have a fully equipped computer lab and science lab.

         We only had 6 form 1 classes. From 220 students, SMK Bukit Jambul has grown to 1050 students. We have 68 dedicated teachers to teach 30 classes ranging  from form 1 till form 5.Our mission is to bring out the hidden potential of each and every student of SMK Bukit Jambul through creative and innovative ways,thus producing students who are able to compete locally and globally.

Sample Body 2 : [ Simple Style ]

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