Tuesday, 28 August 2012



This is Mr.Seow. He is quite old and craggy looking, a senior citizen. He is short and fat.He has large funny looking eyes and a big prominent nose.He is toothless, he has to wear dentures when he wants to eat or speak.He uses a cane when walking.Although he is nearly eighty, he has good eyesight. He is a bit grumpy when he is not happy and likes to dig his ears when they are itchy.In a box, he is quite an interesting and amusing man who is loved and adored by all those that know him. 
This is my teacher Julia. She is 26 years old. She has a beautiful oval shaped face with soft, creamy complexion.  She has shoulder length beautiful blond hair. Her set of compassionate beautiful almond shaped eyes sparkle when she speaks. Her thin red lips will make anyone's heart falter. Her perfect hour glass body is the envy of others.She is the most kind-hearted soul I have ever met in my entire life.

This is Amy.She is kind and pretty. She is short and looks cute with her pulpy nose. Her set of beautiful dreamy eyes compliment her slim  sculpted figure. She is our school's top student. She likes the anime type hairstyle and dyes her hair quite frequently. I call her  "Rainbow Head" because she has dyed her hair in all the seven colors of the rainbow. She does this because she is into cosplay. During school holidays, she takes part in many of the competitions held locally and internationally. She likes the emo and the gothic style the best. Most students in my school think she is wierd but to me she is my best friend.

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