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Descriptive Essay - How to write a descriptive essay

Write about a person who has worked hard to succeed in life.
This is an actual SPM examination question for the year 2008. Descriptive type essays are easy to write. You must use adjectives,adverbs,phrasal verbs and strong verbs to write an interesting description.

In the above question, we need to find the focus point, which is 'a person' and 'worked hard in life to succeed'. Once you know the focus point - you can start drafting your essay. It is always advisable to write about a person whom you know very well and one who is close to you, for example your father / mother / grandfather / uncle etc. Try not to write about someone you are not familiar with.

There are many ways to start an essay. In order to get a good grade for your essay, try to think and write something which is out of the box ( be different ) - try not to follow the norm.

Always remember, introduction paragraph is very important because it gives the first impression about your essay. A good introduction will get the reader's attention and cause him/her to keep reading your essay with interest.

Introduction Paragraph - Sample

              As I gazed at the photo frame hanging on the wall of my parents home, tears of sorrow filled my eyes; quickly, I took my handkerchief to wipe away my tears; I did not want anyone to notice them, it would only cause them sorrow. I could still hear him telling me - "Success does not come in a silver plate, you must work hard for it, my child".It is a mantra which I hold dear to my heart and which has brought me success which I never imagined I could ever achieve.They were the words of a man who not only preached them but practiced them as well and proved to those who mocked him that only through hard work can a person succeed in life.

          He was born in Kelantan, in a small fishing village near the famous Sabak Beach.He was the eldest son in his family of five. He was a good natured and a hard working man.He became a fisherman very early in his life; to be precise at the age of 15 he was already an expert fisherman. His fishing fraternity called him 'Bob Ikan', because he was an expert in pin-pointing the exact location where fish could be found in abundance.All the praises just made him humbler. He was born into poverty, but never once was he grumpy nor glum.In contrast, he was always cheerful and affable towards others. Everyone in his village loved him and respected him.... 

* If you notice, in this intro I did not mention the person who I am referring to. This is just to build up the suspense for the reader. The reader will be making guesses as to who am I refering to. I will only mention the person in the closing paragraph.

In this style of writing - you must not give out any detail about the person in all your 'BODY' part of your essay. In the 'BODY' part, slowly build up his/her character and how his/her hard work had made him/her to succeed in life.You must know how to write them in a way which will keep the reader guessing -  'ALL THE BEST'

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