Wednesday, 25 April 2012


2007 : Write a story beginning with: Kim was nervous when the door opened
( This is an actual SPM question for the year 2007 - If you are asked to begin with certain phrase / sentence then do begin your Introduction with the given phrase / sentence.)

Sample 1

Kim was nervous when the door opened. She was hoping that it would be the police. Kim prayed hard in her heart that it would be so.As she slowly lifted up her head to see, she could only see a dark figure standing at the entrance of her room door.It was the intruder who had broken into her parents house.She could see him still holding the knife in his hand. He was searching for her. The intruder stepped into the room.He moved slowly. He banged into few things in the room.The room was pitch dark. The electricity got cut off due to the heavy storm.

Sample 2

Kim was nervous when the door opened. Sweat drops trickled from her forehaed onto the carpeted floor. She bit her lips in agitation. In her heart, she prayed hard that it would be the police. Slowly but reluctantly she lifted up her head to see, she could only see a dark visage standing at the entrance of her room door.She could not see clearly who it was as the room was pitch dark.Then, to her horror, she saw his face, the face of one she prayed that she would not see again. A glimmer of light from the lightning outside gave his face away.It was the  intruder who had broken into her parents house.He was still clutching the Rambo knife in his hand.He moved slowly, breaking and shoving everything that blocked his path.He had only one thing in his mind, that is to find the girl who knows his true identity, and to finish her off.

Sample 3

Kim was nervous when the door opened. The door burst open with a deafening sound, breaking the silence that Kim was enjoying for almost fifteen minutes now. The sound startled her, she almost jumped out from her hiding place screaming her head off but fear not senses kept her glued to her spot. She held her breath,her heart beat faster than ever.Sweat drops trickled onto the carpeted floor like a running tap water. She edged cautiously further into a corner fearing for the worst. She clasped her hands hard and prayed like she had never prayed before, hoping in her heart that it was the police who had come to her rescue.A dark tall visage stood at the entrance of the room door. At the same time, a glimmer of light from the lightning outside burst through the room window giving away the identity of the figure.To her horror, it was the visage of the one who had made her life a living hell for the past one hour."I will get you, pretty one!",his cold and merciless words echoed in her ears sending shivers into her spine.

The introduction must be good and interesting enough to get your reader glued to your essay - use adjectives and adverbs to add some spice to your writing. 


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    1. Tq - sorry I couldn't oblige - for now my hands are tied up with othet matters but let me give you this web site. Personally,for me it is one the best websites dealing with MUET....ALL THE BEST!