Sunday, 26 February 2012


The children loved the railway. They knew all the trains that passed by; particularly the 9.15 train. The chlidren liked to wave at one particular old gentleman who travelled on the 9.15 train every day.

One day, their mother was not feeling well.Dr Forrest confirmed that their mother was sick and had to stay in bed. He told Bobbie that he will give her mother some medicine and she also needs fruit and milk,and some other special things to help her recover. He wrote the things down on a piece of paper and gave it to Bobbie.
Later,Bobbie showed her mother the piece of paper. She told Bobbie that they are poor and simply can't afford to buy all those things. Bobbie was determined to get those things for her mother. She, Peter and Phyllis sat and talked together on how to get those things. They decided to make a big banner using a white sheet. They painted the words "LOOK OUT AT THE STATION" on it.

The next morning, Peter fixed it on to the fence and waited for the 9.15 train. The old gentleman saw the sign.When the train stopped at the station,Phyllis managed to push a letter into his hand. The old gentleman read their letter and was moved by their plea to help their mother.

The same evening, the old gentleman sent all the things they had asked for and something extra in a large box. Perks the friendly potter sent the box to them.The children were very happy but they weren't very sure how their mother would react to their plan.

Monday, 20 February 2012


Their new house stood in a field near the top of a hill. There was a railway line and a tunnel at the bottom of the hill.They had breakfast together and helped their mother to unpack and arrange everything in the rooms.Late in the afternoon,Bobbie,Peter and Phyllis decided to go and see the railway.

The railway was situated at the bottom of the hill. There was a wooden fence there. The children climbed on top of it to watch the train. They were excited when they saw a train going by them.They went down to the station and saw the potter half asleep. There were many railway lines at the station.There was a large heap of coal at the station yard and a white line on the wall. Peter asked the potter what the white line meant. The potter told him that it indicated how much coal there was in the heap and if anyone steals some the potter would know about it.
The children stopped going to school. Their mother wrote stories to provide food on the table. During rainy days, the house was very cold. They couldn't have fires because coal was very expensive. Peter decided to take some coal from the station yard. Bobbie and Phyllis joined in to help Peter to carry the coal up to the house.The children told nobody.

One night, the station master caught Peter stealing coal at the station. Bobbie and Phyllis also admitted helping Peter to take the coal. Peter reasoned that he was only taking them and not stealing. 
The station master pitied Bobbie,Peter and Phyllis and let them go with a reminder not to repeat their act again. The children realized that what they did was wrong and did not steal again.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

THE RAILWAY CHILDREN - The Beginning Of Things

Roberta, Peter and Phyllis lived with their father and mother in London. Their parents were very loving and caring towards them. Their father was a very jovial man and never got angry. The children had everything they needed.Their mother was a housewife while their father was a government servant.

One night, two unexpected gentlemen came to the house.The two men and their father went into a room to talk. They talked for a long time and their father's voice became louder and louder. He sounded angry.
Soon after, their father left the house with the two men.The children were worried if there was any bad news. Their mother informed them that their father had to go away on some urgent business. Everything was horried after their father left them. After a few weeks they moved to the country side. They lived in a little house near a railway line.