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There are some beautiful moral values / lessons we can see and learn from this novel. The moral values / lessons are BRAVE, KINDHEARTED, STEALING IS WRONG, PERSEVERANCE (NEVER GIVING UP), SENSIBLE (QUICK THINKING), SENSITIVE (NOT SELFISH), HONESTY and FRIENDLY. In this post, I will share three of them.

Moral Value 1 - Brave

Example : In chapter 5, the children managed to save the train and stop a very bad accident from happening.One day, Roberta, Peter and Phyllis saw a landslide which blocked the railway line.The girls used their red petticoats to make flags.The train was moving very fast.Bobbie braved herself and ran on to the railway line and waved her flags.The train finally stopped just twenty metres from Bobbie. The children's bravery saved the people on the train from meeting with an awful accident and from getting killed.

Moral Value 2 - Kindhearted

Example : In chapter 3, the children's mother was ill and had to stay in bed. Dr Forrest came to check on their mother and told Bobbie her mother needed milk and fruit and some other special things to eat in order to get well. They couldn't afford to buy them, so the children decided to ask help from the old gentleman. The old gentleman was a kind enough to provide them with all the things they had asked and some they had not.

Moral Value 3 - Stealing Is Wrong

Example : In chapter 2, Peter and his two sisters stole some coal from the station yard. They took the coal back to their house.One day, the station master caught Peter red handed stealing coal in the station yard.Peter and his two sisters admitted to helping Peter with his crime. The station master warned them not to repeat it again and let them go. The children realised that stealing was wrong. They repented and never took any coal from the station yard again.

Moral Value 4 - Being Good To Others

Example : In chapter 6, the children wanted to surprise Perks with a birthday.Perks had stopped celebrating his birthdays due to poverty and family commitments.Perks was good to Roberta,Peter and Phyllis. As a way to repay his goodness, they joined hands to give him a nice birthday.So, they went around the village asking people to help them give Perks a memorable birthday.Many donated nice things for his birthday. Although at first Perks was not happy but the kindness and goodness of his neighbours and the children touched his heart.In the end, he relented and celebrated his birthday happily with them.

You can find more examples after you have finished reading this beautiful novel. Read the whole novel, then only read the synopsis.

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