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This is my latest update on the "Pentaksiran Tingkatan 3 (PT3) examination.This information is directly from the "Kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia ( website.

Time/Date  For PT3 English Examination 

.......2015 - Speaking Test

.......2015  - Listening Test

.......2015 - Written Test

Link for the actual time-table -

Latest (PT3) English Exam Format
Section A           - 10 marks [ Error Identification]

Section B       (i) - 10 marks  [ short passage ]
                      (ii) - 10 marks [ short passage ]
                     (iii) - 10 marks [ short message - 50 words]

Section C      (i)   - 15 marks  [ Passage]
                     (ii)   -  5 marks   [Poem ]

Section D      (i)  - 30 marks [ Essay - 120-150 words ]
                     (ii)  - 10 marks [ Novel ]
Total                100 marks

Section A      - 15 minutes - [10marks]
Section B      - 40 minutes - [30marks]
Section C      - 20 minutes - [20marks]
Section D      - 45 minutes - [40marks]

Free sample paper

 FREE PT3 Essay Writing Tips For Download
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PT3 - Essay Writing Tips


Click on the link :- PT3 Error Identification Exercises

Tuesday, 4 February 2014


What you need to do.....
  1. Read the question carefully.My suggestion- at least twice.
  2. Identify the key element [noun] in the question.
  3. Underline the focus [question requirement] of the question.
  4. Identify the facts / points and underline them.
  5. List down the points on a piece of paper.
  6. Count the number of words.
  7. Make sure you know the words [people / places ] which are counted as one word.
  8. Leave out long examples / explanations.
  9. Write the summary using your own words as much as you can.
  10. Do not change the meaning.
  11. Use the same tense used in the passage.
  12. Try to use connectors / transitional words for coherence.
  13. Begin your summary with the 10 given words at the bottom.
  14. Write your summary in one paragraph.
  15. Write your summary in 60 words. 
  16. Write the number of words at the end of your summary. [ bottom right hand ]


For most people, vinegar is what gives a bowl noodles that extra kick.The sour,fermented liquid apparently has health benefits.These days, it is being sold as a health supplement. It is a natural remedy for illnesses such as fatigue (C1). Vinegar is also taken to reduce cholesterol (C2).

Pakcaged in bottles as well as handy drink cartons,vinegars are sold in supermarkets,stores and health food shops.People drink vinegar in its raw form, straight out of the bottle in spoonfuls.Some dilute it with water to make a cold or warm drink.Some think vinegar even helps to reduce weight (C3).
Flavours in the market include brown rice and glutinous rice as well as fruity variants such as apple and mango. Each type of vinegar serves different functions.Apple vinegar is believed to dissolve unwanted fats (C4) and convert fats into energy(C5).Studies suggest that vinegar provides protective benefits in treating diabetes (C6) and heart disease(C7).Many believe that taking vinegar drinks also helps in digestion(C8).

Vinegar has been around longer than pills and drugs and is one of the earliest natural remedies.


Question :- Write a summary on the benefits of taking vinegar.
Begin your summary as follows :-
Vinegar is regarded a health supplement and it is taken....
Step1 - Look for points in the passage :-
  • Read the question carefully and look at the focus of the question. For instance, the focus in this question is 'BENEFITS'
  • Benefits is in the plural form.Therefore, there are more than one benefit in the passage.
  • In the passage look for words which has similar meaning to the word 'BENEFITS' such as help,provides,taken,believed,aid,gain,profit etc.
  • The noun is 'Vinegar'
  • The pronoun for 'Vinegar' is 'It'
  • Tense used in the passage is 'Present Tense'.
Step 2- Arrange The Points From The Passage :-
  1. natural remedy for illness such as fatigue.(C1)
  2. is taken to reduce cholesterol.(C2)
  3. helps to reduce weight.(C3)
  4. believed to dissolve unwanted fats.(C4)
  5. and convert fats into energy.(C5)
  6. provides protective benefits in treating diabetes.(C6)
  7. provides protective benefits in treating heart disease.(C7)
  8. helps in digestion.(C8)
Step 3 - Writing The Summary:-
Vinegar is regarded a health supplement and it is taken as a natural remedy for illness.Not only it has the benefit to reduce cholesterol but also to reduce weight.Moreover,it is believed to dissolve unwanted fats thus converting them into energy.In addition, it helps in treating diabetes and heart disease.Finally, it aids in digestion.
                                                                                                                                        (55 words)

Wednesday, 23 October 2013


       First of all, I would like to wish all the best to students who will be sitting for their SPM Examination this year. In this post, I have listed some tips which might be helpful to you. 

     Be reminded that these are only tips and I do not guarantee that any of these tips would come out or be asked in the actual examination.

(1)Past Year Directed Writing Questions
  1. 2005 - Informal Letter
  2. 2006 - Informal Letter
  3. 2007 - Talk
  4. 2008 - Article
  5. 2009 - Report
  6. 2010 - Informal Letter
  7. 2011 - Talk
  8. 2012 - Informal Letter
  9. 2013 - Formal Letter
(2) What might come out for Directed Writing- 2014
  1. Report - to the school headmaster (highly possible)
  2. Article
  3. Talk / Speech
  4. Formal Letter
  5. Pie/Bar chart 
(3) Literature Component [ Poems ] 
  1. Are You Still Playing Your Flute (highly possible)
  2. He Had Such Quiet Eyes
  3. Nature
(4) Literature Component [ Novel ]
  1. Character [ Main Character / Supporting Character ]
     - One problem faced by the character and how he faced it..
     - Describe a character that you sympathise with....
     - Obstacles faced by the character....
     - How did strangers play a role in helping the character to escape....

If you want [400] more exercises to do - check out my e-book at this link -