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The novel "The Elephant Man" is used in schools in Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya, Negeri Sembilan, Perlis, Melaka, Selangor and Kedah.


      This novel is based on the true life of Joseph Carey Merrick of England.He was born on August 5, 1862 during the Victorian Era.He was known or given a term “Half-a-Man and Half-an-Elephant".He suffered from deformities on his face and body.
     His malformed head was one of many deformities that made people gape and at the same time fear him. 
During his teen years he was exhibited as "The Elephant Man" in a shop in London.One day, a kindly and highly esteemed surgeon named Frederick Treves came to see this human oddity.Doctor Treves was deeply moved and offered to study Merrick's condition.

     Their paths crossed again after Merrick was rescued at London's Liverpool Street Station. Doctor Treves arranged for Merrick to be given permanent quarters in the hospital. Merrick and Dr Treves friendship became close during his stay in the hospital. Not only that,  many wealthy beautiful ladies and upper class gentlemen of London society sympathized and visited him. Alexandra, Princess of Wales who later became the Queen Of England took a special interest in Merrick.She gave him a signed photograph of herself which Merrick held dearly, and she also sent him a Christmas card every year.

   Merrick spent most of his time reading, writing and composing beautiful poems. He also spent some time at the countryside - spent days walking in the woods and collecting wild flowers. 

    Joseph Merrick's condition never got any better and slowly deteriorated during his four years at the London Hospital. Merrick stayed at the hospital until his death in 1890. He was 27 years old at the time of his death.It is believed that he died from (asphyxia) accidental dislocation of his neck. His neck could not support the weight of his massive head in sleep.

Chapter Summary

Chapter 1

    One day in 1884, Dr Frederick Treves saw a picture of a man in the window of a penny gaff shop near the hospital. Feelings of interest, anger and fear engulfed him when he saw the horrible ugly picture.He looked more like an elephant than a man. Dr Treves decided to go inside and take a closer look. He paid twelve pence and was taken to a dark smelly little room at the back of the shop. There sat Joseph Merrick (the elephant man) hunched on a chair behind a table. Dr Treves felt sad when he saw the badly deformed man (the elephant man) but found him to be very interesting.He wanted to study him more closely at the hospital.So, Dr Treves arranged for a cab to take Joesph Merrick to the hospital. 

*source :The Elephant Man by Tim Vicary (Student's Edition)
*source :wikipedia (The Free Encyclopedia)

Chapter 2

     Dr Treves waited for Joseph Merrick in front of the shop. It was early in the morning and the day was still dark. Merrick came out fully clothed from top to bottom. He wore a huge black hat on his head. A grey cloth which had a hole covered his face. He wore a long black coat which covered his entire body.His shoes were big which looked like old bags.He hobbled slowly with an aid of a stick.Dr Treves with the help of a kindly postman helped Merrick to get into the cab.Dr Treves gave his card to Merrick. Although Merrick couldn't read, he took the card anyway and kept it in his trousers pocket.At the hospital, Dr Treves studied Merrick carefully and took notes in a little book.He found Merrick to be shy, confused and a little frightened.Furthermore, His speech was almost unintelligible. Later, Dr Treves took Merrick back to the shop. The following day, Dr Treves went to the shop but found it empty.

*source :The Elephant Man by Sir Frederick Treves (NCSU EDU)
*source :The Elephant Man by Tim Vicary (Student's Edition)

Chapter 3

     Dr Treves lost contact with Merrick for two years. One day, the police found him tired,hungry and dirty at Liverpool street.Police found Dr Treves's card on his hand and they took him to the London Hospital.Dr Treves put him in a quiet little room. Mr Carr Gomm, the Hospital Chairman made arrangements for Merrick to stay at the hospital. He wrote to the editor of the Times newspaper detailing Merrick's condition and asked for money.Generous readers donated quite a handsome sum of money which was more than enough to maintain Merrick for life in the hospital.

*source :The Elephant Man by Tim Vicary (Student's Edition)
*source :The Elephant Man by Sir Frederick Treves (NCSU EDU)

Chapter 4

     Merrick was given two rooms at the back of the hospital. One was a bathroom and the other had a bed, table and chairs.Merrick was able to bath every day. This improved his skin condition and he didn't smell horrible anymore. Dr Treves visited him every day and kept him company.Merrick loved to read and talk about books.He loved to read books of love stories.Sometimes people (nurses) laugh or scream at him. Although, it saddens him but he has come to accept it.Merrick wanted to live in a lighthouse or in a home for blind people,so, that people would not laugh or scream at him.But, after Dr Treves explained that the hospital was his home now, Merrick was happy.

*source :The Elephant Man by Tim Vicary (Student's Edition)
*source :The Elephant Man by Sir Frederick Treves (NCSU EDU)

Chapter 5

     Dr Treves wanted Merrick to socialize with more people. One day, he arranged for his beautiful young lady friend to meet Merrick.Merrick was so touched when she came to see him. She smiled and shook his hands and spent time talking with him.She also brought her friend to visit Merrick. They gave him some books and had tea together.Merrick began to have many visitors after people got to know about him in the newspapers.Many important gentlemen and ladies visited and gave books to him.Their visitation made Merrick feel like a man and not a creature.One day, a very special visitor came for a visit-it was the Queen of England(Queen Alexandra).They sat and talked about his love for books for almost half an hour.Before the Queen left, she gave him some red flowers,and a little book.The Queen visited him many times and at Christmas she sent him a Christmas card.It was a picture of Queen Alexandra.

*source :The Elephant Man by Tim Vicary (Student's Edition)
*source :The Elephant Man by Sir Frederick Treves (NCSU EDU)

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