Thursday, 18 August 2016



  1. Good day teacher. It is only one week for PT3 and I still can't get a good mark for my essay. I tried to use idioms,interesting phrases and bombastic words in my word and I only got 21 marks. During trial,I only got 87 for my English. It is very unsafe and I really want to get an 'A' for my English. I have watched all of your videos but I still can't get a higher mark for my birthday essay. Can you help me to write out a better essay because it gives the highest mark and the novel part. These two parts really make my marks to drop.

    1. Satya, you worry to much...from what you have written, I can see that you have done your homework and your result is the fruit of your labour. My notes and videos are just guides to help students to brush-up their essay writing.Read some good novels to improve your writing and make it a habit-it will help when you go to form 4&5 later on...don't worry be happy, there's more to life than exams and marks...ALL THE BEST IN YOUR PT3!