Monday, 2 April 2012

THE RAILWAY CHILDREN - The Terrible Secret

The children never really forgot their father. They only stopped asking about him because it made their mother unhappy. But, Bobbie thought about him quite often. Her mind was filled with questions which was screaming for an answer. 

The answer finally came one day  in a very unexpected way. Bobbie went down to the station to pick up the magazines which Perks gave to them. Perks wrapped some old newspaper round the magazines to keep them together. Bobbie happily received the magazines and went back home. 
On the way home she stopped to rest for a while as the magazines were quite heavy to carry.She looked at the newspaper and read some words on the page. The words impacted her terribly.
She hurried back home. She went straight to her room and locked her room. She looked at the newspaper again.The words 'FIVE YEARS IN PRISON FOR SPY!' and her father's name caught her attention. She was in a daze as the whole thing seemed like a teribble dream. Bobbie showed her mother the newspaper. She was speechless for a while but later explained to Bobbie how her father was framed as being a spy by a man who works with him. Her mother also told Bobbie how she had tried to prove her father's innocence but to no avail.
Her mother advised Bobbie to be strong and patient and not to think about it.But, Bobbie was determined to prove her father's innocence. Secretly she wrote a letter to her friend - the old gentleman asking him to help her prove her father's innocence.


  1. thank you for sharing so many kind of novel things here. it's really helps me indeed. =)

  2. I am happy that I could be of help! All the best in your studies Dean!