Monday, 9 April 2012


One day the children went down to the railway line to watch the paper chase. The boys from Maidbridge were having the paper chase.Paper chase involves the "Hare" and the "Hounds".One boy (Hare) will drop pieces of paper behind him for the other boys (Hounds) to follow. The children watched from the top of the hill, the boys ran into the black mouth of the tunnel. The last boy was wearing a red shirt.
The children eagerly waited for the boys to come out at the other end of the tunnel.All of them came out slowly ,looking rather tired. But,the boy in the red shirt was nowhere to be seen. 

They waited for a long time for the boy but he still didn't come out from the tunnel.So, they decided to go and look for him inside the tunnel. The tunnel was dark inside.Peter lit a candle and they continued to search for the boy deeper inside the tunnel.

Finally, they saw  him lying on the ground,beside the railway line.He was concious but his leg was broken. The boy tried to stand but his leg hurt teribbly. They took him to Bobbie's house. The children and their mother nursed and took care of Jim. Their mother wrote a letter to Jim's grandfather to inform him on what had happened to Jim.

The next day, Jim's grandfather came to visit him. The children were surprised and happy when they saw Jim's grandfather, it was their good friend - the old gentleman.