Sunday, 4 March 2012


It was Bobbie's birthday, she was now 12 years old. Her mother, Phyllis,and Peter prepared a surprise birthday party for her.Bobbie received some very nice presents from them and from Mrs Viney. Peter gave her half of his toy steam engine. Bobbie took the broken half of the steam engine. She wanted to get it mended.

The next day, Bobbie went down to the railway alone. She wanted to ask the driver of the train to help her fix Peter's broken toy train.Bobbie had never been close to a train's engine before.

Bobbie climbed on to the step of the engine.The train started to move and she fell on to a heap of coal. She cried for help but the driver and the fireman did not see nor hear her. She put out her hand and touched the driver's arm. He was shocked to see her. He shouted at her demanding to know what was she doing there.

Bobbie started to cry and the men were worried. They took several minutes to calm her down. Later, they asked her gently what was she doing there. Bobbie took out the the toy engine and asked if they could help her fix it. The men agreed to help her. Bobbie was very happy and thanked them.