Monday, 26 March 2012


Bobbie,Peter and Phyllis wanted to give Perks a nice birthday surprise. First, they wanted to make him some cakes. Later, Peter came up with a special idea to celebrate Perks's birthday. They went around the village to ask people if they wanted to give Perk's presents for his birthday. Some people were happy to give while some were not.

People gave things like - a pipe, a  tin of tea, a walking stick and some gave some small presents.The old gentleman gave a pound.Even grudgy old Mrs Ransome gave some red apples and a pram. The children were happy and put all the presents in the pram and pushed it to Perks's house. 
Mrs Perks  was really surprised with all the presents people had given Perks. The children hid in a room and wanted to surprise Perks.But to their surprise Perks was not happy but felt offended.

Perks was a proud man. He didn't want people to laugh at him. He did not want people in the village to think that he can't take care of his family and they had to give him things. Bobbie explained to Perks their reason for celebrating his birthday. She told him all the good things people thought about him. At the end, Perks finally realised his mistake and celebrated his birthday with his wife, his children, Bobbie, Peter and Phyllis.


  1. easy to make a homeworkk :) kerja TRC settle

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  3. please have exercise for literature as welll

    1. My hands are tied with tuition and preparing lessons for my students.....I can't promise anything!

      I'll be concentrating on the new Literature Component for Form 1 & 4 ( BI & BM ) books for my tuition kids...

  4. Help me pls i need the synopsis of chapter 6... :-((((
    Pls i can stand anymore huhhuhh.....i couldn't find the synopsis for chapter6......

  5. can you translate this synopsis to malay?