Tuesday, 3 January 2012

THE RIVER - ( Form 1 poem )

The author of this poem is Valerie Bloom. This poem consists of 6 stanzas. Each stanza talks about the different characteristics of the river. The river is embodied with human nature or character in each stanza.

Stanza 1

In stanza 1, the river is characterized as a wanderer, a nomad and a tramp. The focus in stanza 1 is about the words wanderer,nomad and tramp. The river is like a person who keeps on moving from one place to the other without stopping at any particular place for long.

Stanza 2

In stanza 2, the river is characterized as a winder. It keeps twisting and turning and just can't seem to be able to keep still.It talks about the inability of the river to remain at rest like a child who is unable to keep still. 

Stanza 3

In stanza 3, the river is potrayed as a hoarder. The river is like a person who likes to accumulate or gather things which are well hidden or guarded from others at its base or bottom.All the hidden things at the bottom of the river gives it a myterious aura.

Stanza 4

In stanza 4, the river is pictured as a baby. The sound of running water of a river is characterized as the sound of a baby gurgling, humming and sucking his thumb.

Stanza 5

In stanza 5, the river is potrayed as a singer. It talks about how the sound of flowing water of the river resonates and is heard throughout the countryside.

Stanza 6

In stanza 6, the river is potrayed as a monster. The river is characterized as a monster which can cause massive destruction when it's angry. It shows how a calm river can turn into a destructive force of nature especially during a flood which in turn can destroy properties and even cause death to people.


  1. can I have it's poetry device and sound effect for this poem...I really need it!!

  2. thanks for the meaning
    i need for my homework

    1. You should add moral value and massage about the poem