Sunday, 7 August 2011


     Government has decided to set a new format for English Paper 1 & Paper 2 starting from the year 2012. Below is the layout for both the current and the new format :-

PAPER 1- New Format [2012]

Section A : 10 Marks
(Graphics / Stimuli)
(Short texts, Charts, Notices)
10 Questions

Section B : 10 Marks
(Relational Cloze)
10 Questions

Section C : 6 Marks
(Closest In Meaning)
6 Questions

Section D : 14 Marks
Non-Linear (1Text) - 6 Questions
Linear (1 Text) - 8 Questions

Total         : 40 questions - 1 mark for each question - (40 Marks)

PAPER 2- New Format [2012]

Section A : 25 Marks
(Guided Composition)
Non-Linear / Linear
1 Question

Section B : 15 Marks
Poems - (Open Ended Questions)

What are open ended questions - Open ended questions require longer answers. Most probably students will be tested to give their opinions.
*Reminder - Don't just write 'YES' / 'NO' as your answer.  2-5 (Questions) - 5 Marks

Novel - (Open Response With Textual Evidence)
1 Question - 10 Marks

Section C : 10 Marks
Summary Writing
1 Question

Total :5 questions - (50 Marks)

Recent changes to PMR - PAPER 2. According to resources, there has been a change in Section B as stated below :-

Poems - 5 Marks - [ Questions vary and can be in sub categories ]
Novel - 10 Marks

* The Education Ministry has not confirmed the actual format and marks for Section B yet. For latest updates, please check with your teacher. I will keep updating this post when I receive any new information.


  1. is tis format for pmr 2012?
    thanks a lot for ur information!

  2. i have a question on Paper 2, Section B where the open-ended questions include poems only or poems as well as short stories?

  3. Hi, is there any sample questions regarding the new pmr poem? How are they asked?

  4. Hello Mr Yap, a good question. The new PMR 2012 exam format only requires students to answer two open ended poem questions only. As for short stories and dramas, they can be asked in your school held exams but not in the PMR examination.

  5. Hello Anonymous, currently there are few publications which have published some sample questions. I would recommend the "TWITTER 2012" book by Info-Didik publications. It is only RM7.30

    When I have time, I will do some sample questions and post it on my Scribd account.

  6. thanks a lot. I want to clarify this: so for the literature part, there'll be only 2 questions, so 1 question for 1 mark and the other one should be 2 marks plus 12 marks for the novel right?

    Then for the poem, it could be one of the 6 poems that students learn from form 1,2 and 3, is it like that?

    thanks in advance

  7. Hi Anonymous, sorry couldn't update you sooner. I had to check with my teacher friends before I could really update my blog. I hope the latest info is helpful to you.

  8. paper 2 section B d poems 3 marks and the novel 12 markz...

  9. Hi Navi Crazygal - it's true in the beginning. The latest information I received is as I have stated above in my blog. I can only assume that some schools have yet to receive the new circular.

  10. hi, will the Novel for PMR 2012 cover the both of Form One & Form 3 novels? or just the Form 3 novel only will be tested in PMR 2012? i am confusing...

  11. Hi Anonymous,so far only the novel "The Railway Children" will tested in your PMR exam 2012.

    Whereas, the novel "Black Beauty" will still be taught for form 1 students.

    If there are any changes, I will keep you posted.

  12. Hi, I would like to make a confirmation for the form 1 and form 2's novels and literature.. Will they be questioned for the approaching PMR? It seems like the tests that I went through did not adopt those novels and literature that I have mentioned. I am posting this at a very grave hour, if please so, do reply me as soon as possible. The trials are coming, I am quite confident for the English paper 1 but not paper 2 due to hesitation about which to study so I could save up my time to do revisions for other subjects. Anyway do you have any recommendation for which one to mass revise? Thanks in advance.

  13. Hi Teong, I checked with my friend who is a Form 3 English teacher - according to her, the novel "The Railway Children" will be tested in the 2012 PMR examination.

    As for the novel "Black Beauty",it will be taught in schools but not tested in PMR.

    So far,according to my friend there are no changes...I hope this info will suffice.All the best in your PMR..